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Who Should You Choose for Therapy?

People ask, “I want to go into therapy, what kind of therapist should I choose?” Often the person will answer their own question with “Shouldn’t I see a psychologist/psychiatrist/counselor/therapist/psychoanalyst….” The list of helping professionals goes on. My answer is, if you are looking for a psychotherapist, find someone you are comfortable talking with. That response […]

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Anger Interpretation

Anger is probably the single biggest reason parents bring their children, and teachers send their students, to see a therapist. Working in a school-based mental health clinic in Brooklyn a few years ago, the students referred to my colleagues and myself, as “Anger Management”. If they were coming to see us it must be because […]

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Who takes the child by the hand…

“Who takes the child by the hand, takes the parent by the heart.” This traditional saying was quoted by then Secretary of Education, Richard Riley in a forum I attended in 2000 on partnerships between schools and religious organizations. Secretary Riley as an elder statesman, speaking in quiet tones conveyed the importance of educating children […]

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