Psychotherapy with Children

You know when something isn’t right with your child, though you may not know what exactly is wrong. Maybe they are not achieving in school despite good intelligence; or they’re lying or are angry too often; maybe there are changes at home and your child is having a hard time adjusting.

Here is where I can help.  Through careful listening and the dynamics of psychotherapy, I am able to determine what is going wrong, and how to get things going right. What we – your child you as the parent(s) and I do in therapy depends on the age of your child and the presenting issues.

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Psychotherapy with Adults

Work with adults focuses on a dynamic contemplation of  issues and problems. You may be feeling depressed, anxious, or be struggling to solve other problems. Starting with what  it is that caused you to seek help, we create a space in which to work. Therapy is an interactive, evolving process that demands work, but delivers rewards.

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