What adults and children have said about Debora Kane:

Growing Up

A young woman going off to college
Thank you for being an amazing therapist and person. You’ve truly made an impact on my life and I am very grateful. Samara, 17 years old.

A junior high student in session with his parents
I talk to Ms. Kane because she listens to me! Adrien, 13 years old.

A first grader who was having trouble in pre-school
Ms. Kane is fun. She likes to play games and talk about dinosaurs. My Dad and Mom even like to come talk with her.

Solving Problems Seeing Results

Psychiatrist, Dr. Himani Janapana Private Practice
I am impressed with Ms. Kane’s ability as a therapist. She is very committed and has a real talent for working with children and their families. Her depth of experience and professionalism, coupled with aflexibility to make treatment effective, is a rare combination and really works.

Family Law Attorney, Ash Nangia, Brooklyn, NY
My client began to see Ms. Kane for therapy about a year ago, and I have seen a drastic change His self-esteem and confidence have greatly improved and he has shown a marked improvement in understanding the many issues in his case. Ms. Kane has been helpful to me in understanding my client’s line of thought; she has become an intricate part of my efforts to advocate for my client.

Parent Liaison at PS 217 Ute Van Sitteren Brooklyn, NY
Debora’s short talk on “Finding a Patch of Sunlight for Your Child” at our April PTA meeting was great. She demonstrated simple ways to give positive attention to your child and she answered some tough questions for parents.

Miriam, sister of mentally challenged adult brother Upper West Side
Upon the death of our mother, I found myself faced with the responsibility of overseeing my brothers’ life. I quickly realized that I needed to find someone who had the expertise I lacked, but someone who could also blend in to our family. I needed a liaison to his workplace, to his medical needs, I needed a problem-solver, a problem-finder, and a person both my brother and I could trust. Debora Kane is all that and more. My brother is thriving. Thanks to Debora, I can honestly say that my brother’s quality of life has exceeded my expectations.

Gaining Insight Feeling Better

Gertrude 64 year old native New Yorker
Ms. Kane has been my therapist since 2001. Let me tell you she takes her work very seriously. I had just lost my husband to cancer and I was a mess. After about 4 or 5 sessions with Debora, I knew she was the best person to help me. She was and is so patient; I cried all the time, couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to go out. Compared to how I started out, I am in a much better place. I’m a stronger person today because of Ms. Kane.

Lily and Jo Working Mom and Dad with two boys:
We came to therapy because we thought our son was the problem. We found out he was causing a problem at school. But we found out, after him talking and us, too, what was really bothering him. Our son is doing good in school again, and my husband and I understand now what we were doing that was upsetting us, but he didn’t really understand himself. It was really amazing what we learned in six weeks with Ms. Kane!

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