What I did when my kids flew the nest

As a professional, single working mom, I supported my children through middle school, college and into graduate school while working as a psychotherapist and school social worker. As most parents would agree, I was doing the job that really mattered, i.e., taking care of my kids. That’s Job #1. My children’s well-being and their successful development, came before my career. My professional growth, beyond staying employed and making as much money as possible, would have to wait until their success was assured.

As of now, Job #1 is complete. Two college graduations, a master’s and a Ph.D., qualifies me as officially off the clock for Job #1. So, what was I doing last month? Talking to Dr. Lenora Max at Cortelyou Road Pediatrics about children and parents. When she asked, “Why now?” I hesitated before I replied, “Because I can; I now have the time to concentrate on how I want to develop my career and broaden my reach.”

Funny thing is, I am back doing Job #1, albeit for other people’s children. Helping other parents do their most important job: raising their children to be the best they can be. Combining professional knowledge with real-world experience I have evolved an approach that works. It’s called Balancing Children, Aligning Families. All families possess the elements to be successful and happy, and to nurture children who will develop their own talents.

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