About Me

I am a Coach, Therapist and LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) with specialized training in children and families. You, your children and your family are the reason I love what I do.

As a married woman, with two beautiful daughters, a house and garden in Brooklyn, and a satisfying career, I considered myself very fortunate. But in 2001, my then-husband developed severe mental illness and effectively abandoned us. I became a single Mother with two children to raise and support.

My belief that all children are gifted and talented led me to found The Flatbush Youth Initiative, an innovative community-based afterschool arts and education program. This was the testing ground that proved to me that children grow best with both challenge and opportunity.

In 2004 I started a private practice with an emphasis on middle school children. Many years later with a full practice and two successfully launched daughters (one middle school teacher and soccer coach, one Phd scientist) I am able to bring a laser-focus to Balanced Children, Aligned Families, a program that combines therapy and coaching to heal children and strengthen families.

Love for our children is our most powerful tool. It is the foundation on which all learning and growth rests. But there can be rough patches for even the most fortunate of us. Like me, you need to harness your power and your child’s talents to allow them to become their own successes. If they are struggling, let me offer a steadying hand and the voice of experience to help balance your children and align your family.