What Clients Say

New Parents

“We laughed at ourselves and learned alot in the process.”

"As a young family we needed some help to sort out a tangle of feelings that belonged to us, our families of origin, and then our child. In conversations, Debora put us at ease we laughed at ourselves and learned a lot in the process.” Our family life now with two children is chaotic, but good. Time well spent."


Parent with Angry Middle School Daughter

“I think I need to come talk to you.”

"After I brought my daughter to therapy, I said “I think I need to come talk to you.”  So I did. My daughter Colleen and I were butting heads; I was getting a lot of attitude from her. Then my husband and I separated. There was a lot going on. Debora heard it all. I liked the way she didn’t give up on Colleen even when she would hardly talk.

I think Colleen expressed some feelings towards her Dad that she wouldn’t have been able to without having a therapist there. We both learned a lot about how our family patterns repeat themselves. Colleen started high school and I think she’ll be fine. There were moments though. I can say that my experience with therapy were really positive, and I tell my girlfriends  “You should go to therapy, but it has to be the right person.”

—Parent of Patient